mercredi 22 octobre 2014

Technology/Politics Conference at Trent University, Peterborough, oct. 24-25 2014

TITLE : " Diving into interactive and immersive art : an Event of human and non-human Forces and Affects "

" (...) My talk will concentrate essentially on some virtual and immersive dimensions that emerge in the encounter of interactive art and bodies, as  glued by affect.
 The question is How, in what way, do these immersive and virtual dimensions contribute to create an aesthetic event considering, as stated in the abstract of T/P,  that
« the arbiter of the meaning, significance, and impact of technology IS its relationship with the people and the material objects … » .
 To be more concrete, after dressing the conceptual table, we will look at signs of affects in two interactive installaitons : Taken, by the canadian pionneer David Rokeby and Cubes à sons/bruits/babils, by the montrealers Béchard et Hudon.(...) "

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