samedi 15 avril 2017

Balance Unbalance- A Sense of PLace, August 21-23 2017

Du 21 au 23 août aura lieu BunB17 à Plymouth, UK.

Ce colloque promet d'être super intéressant. J'aurai l'occasion de partager avec des experts et des artistes du domaine écologique et climatique, artistique et médiatique de partout au monde. 

Ma communication en anglais s'intitule :

Climatic Aesthetic Senses of Place, Feeling and Being:
Ice Watch Paris by Olafur Eliasson and Waiting for Bárðarbunga by François Quévillon

Grounded in the encounter of two climatic artworks related to apprehended catastrophes and their analysis, this paper theorizes our emerging Immediated Sense of Place in this aesthetic experience. We pass from their single location to other virtual, rhetorical, atmospheric, affective or connected places, where and when extreme climate changes are expected, apprehended or might be happening. After introducing my current global research to which this paper is linked, firstly, we describe and analyze Ice Watch Paris by Olafur Eliasson, in its persuasive mode, and Waiting for Bárðarbunga by François Quévillon, in its monitoring mode. For each of them we let emerge various immediations, places and states of being. Secondly, we revisit and inflect the notions of Immediation, proposed by Brian Massumi, of the Sense of Place, developed by Jeff Malpas, and of the Point of Being, conceptualized by Derrick de Kerckhove and their effects that are operating within our extended identity. In order to complete how the immediating sense of place relates to our being, thirdly, we summarize this discussion with the expression of Senses of Place, Feeling and Being that accompany the aesthetic experience in multiple and metaphoric manners and various atmospheres.

Aesthetic Experience, Atmosphere, Catastrophe, Climatic Art, Ecological Art, Ecology, Environmental Art, Global Warming, Ice Watch Paris, Immediation, Melting Ice, Place, Point of Being, Preemptive Feeling, Sense of Place, Olafur Eliasson, François Quévillon, Waiting for Bárðarbunga

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